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An Insanely Simple Way to Save Money on Food, Reduce Waste, and Organize Your Pantry


Have you ever been frustrated with finding that one additional can of tomato sauce that you need for the recipe you are in the middle of? Have you ever finally found it hiding behind a bunch of other cans, only to discover that it expired two years ago?

Have you ever wished there was a storage system that could organize your pantry and solve this problem?


Introducing The Can Rotator

We live in a 100 year old farmhouse we have spent years renovating. It is small and has a wonderful large kitchen, but with limited storage. Off the kitchen is a lean-to pantry that serves as both a utility room and pantry. The pantry part consists of two facing industrial shelving units, with what was an empty wall between them. One shelving unit is used to store most of our food supplies – including a lot of store bought canned goods.

We go through a lot of canned food basics as we have 5 kids and 20+ grandkids who visit frequently and get fed well by my wife (who is an excellent cook). We have always found it challenging if not impossible to keep these shelves of food organized, easily accessible, and rotated (especially the canned foods). In addition, shelf space is at a premium and difficult effectively utilize.

We did extensive searching for a solution to this problem, thinking there had to be something out there. What we found was a lot of pictures of homemade wooden can racks, as well as a few plans to build them ourselves.

I’m a fairly handy guy so I thought I’d give it a try. I spent a few days in my wood shop experimenting and attempting to make a system myself. This didn’t go all that well, as what I made was bulky, heavy, and took up a lot of space for the relatively few cans it would hold. In addition, it just didn’t look that great.

Being a design engineer and having owned a metal working machine shop, I knew there had to be a better way, something that addresses the issues mentioned above. I started by sketching and then prototyping initial designs using scissors, cardboard, and duct tape quite literally. Once I had the basics figured out I engaged a precision sheet metal fabricator to work with me. After going through a number of design iterations (with some excellent ideas and feed back from my wife), we finally had a device that was perfect for our needs. I even went to the extent of designing and building a custom wood cabinet to mount on our unused wall and mount them in – with additional storage on the cabinet doors.

The result – A can storage system that is sturdy, modular, functional, and attractive that we absolutely love! It holds more cans than we ever dreamed of, uses very little space, looks amazing, and frees up a lot of shelf space.

We Call it "The Can Rotator"

In fact, several of our children and friends saw ours and requested them for their own pantries. They love them enough that they were joking about how long it would take to get on Shark tank (not going to happen). The device turned out to be innovative enough that we have a provisional patent on the design and are ready to make them available to the world.


You'll Love the Different Ways It Can Be Used...

  • Mounts on anything vertical - wall, cabinet, door, shelving, even rotating lazy susan (with additional brackets)

  • Modular - line up as many can rotator devices as you need or have space for


  • Gently cleanses and prepares skin for further treatment

  • Made in the USA of heavy gage galvanized steel, guaranteed to hold up and never rust forever


  • Patent pending design allows for easy can removal when stacked right next to each other



  • First-in first-out system assures you never get suprised by expired cans



  • Each unit measures 4 5/8" wide, 3 1/8" deep, 25 1/2" high




One of the biggest game-changers in the whole pantry was the first in, first out rotating can system. High-quality, durable and are going to last forever!

I was able to remove all boxes of cans on the floor to be stored on the wall in these amazing can holders.

We planned to build a can holder (from wood-thank you Pinterest) but with hubby super busy with work and me busy being mom, house cleaner, laundry doer, yard worker, content creator, etc… there wasn’t a lot of time we wanted to dedicate to house projects like a DIY can holder.

The space we had was limited so we needed to maximize every inch of it. The Can Rotator System from Pantry Storage Solutions was amazing at doing this.

Rachel Koller, Professional Kitchen Blogger

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My Guarantee!

I know you are going to absolutely fall in love with the design and construction of these can rotators. If you are not completely satisfied with your devices, just return them within 30 days for a full refund.